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    [Official] FAQ

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    What is a FAQ?
    A FAQ is a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject.

    What is Yabbo?

    Yabbo is a Habbo Hotel retro server that will strive to be the best hotel for its users. It was first created by sign-up but then was closed down. Andrew and Synap decided to team-up and re-birth Yabbo!

    Can I be a Hotel Manager or Founder?
    No, you cannot be a Hotel Manager or Founder. We are not hiring for that category of staff, and we never will be. Continuous asking will result in a ban.

    A list of the Yabbo Founders can be found at

    What are Moderators? Can I be one?

    Moderators are part of the Yabbo staff team. Moderators ("Mods") work hard to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience in the hotel.
    Moderators are hand-picked by the Hotel Managers or Founders. We are constantly on the look out for active, helpful and friendly users to become a Moderator. In order to become a Moderator, it is a requirement that you have a good understanding of Habbo as you will need to be able to efficiently help users on the hotel. Continuous asking will result in a ban.

    A list of the Yabbo Moderators can be found at

    What are eXperts? Can I be one?

    eXperts are helpful users that can assist you with small situations within the hotel.
    We are constantly on the look out for active, helpful and friendly users to be hired as a Yabbo eXpert.
    Inactive eXperts will be fired. Continuous asking will result in a ban.

    eXperts can be identified by their Yabbo eXperts badge.

    How many accounts am I permitted to create?

    You are allowed to have 2 account sper IP Address. If you are found to have multiple accounts, you will be permanently banned.

    I've been banned. What can I do?

    You can appeal your ban by creating a thread under 'Appeal a ban'.

    The client won't load for me! What do I do?

    If the client is not loading, the first thing that you should do is clear your cache and then reload. If that does not work, try uninstalling Adobe Flash Player and then installing it again.
    If you are unsure on how to clear your cache, try reading this:'s-Cache

    If the client still does not load after trying the above suggestions, create a thread here with details regarding your situation.

    I've run out of Credits/Pixels. How can I get more?

    - Users are automatically given 75 Credits and 75 Pixels every 15 minutes.

    - You can try winning some events hosted by users or Staff members.

    - Look out for official competitions that are organised by staff members.
    You'll be able to find information about these in news articles, make sure to always check the homepage.

    - If you have some rares, try selling them. You'll rake in a fair amount!
    You can post a thread about items that you are selling here.

    - You can purchase Credits and other great items from the Yabbo PayPal Shop, located at or

    Why can't I be on a staff member's friends list?

    Some staff members may have turned the option to receive friend requests off. If this is the case, please do not annoy and pester the staff member.

    Can you give me some rares?

    No, we cannot give you any rares - sorry.

    What's VIP and VIP and where can I purchase it?

    Please visit the following page for more details on how to purchase VIP and what you will gain from purchasing it: www.Habbo.LA/articles/VIP

    How do I report a user on the hotel?

    If you are having any trouble within the Hotel or feel the need to report something or someone, there are 2 ways to do so:

    Method 1: You can click on the user that you would like to report and then click the 'Moderate' button followed by the 'Report' button.


    Method 2: You can click on the 'Help' button located in the top right corner of the client (you must be in a room).
    After clicking 'Help', you then click either 'Help' or 'Report a user to moderators' (depending on your situation).

    We will occasionaly update the FAQ with new questions, so check back regularly!

    If you think there's a question that should be here, but isn't, feel free to make a thread regarding it here.

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